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Tonkinese cat breeders can help you if you just can't decide whether you want a Burmese cat or a Siamese cat. They can show you a fun mix of both worlds that is the descendant of both of these wonderful breeds, the Tonkinese. The Tonkinese cat breed was officially created in the nineteen sixties in North America when a Burmese cat was crossed with a Siamese. 

Tonkinese cat breeders love the face

Tonkinese cat breeders look for the best traits in the parent breeds, the Burmese and Siamese. Unlike many other breeds created from a cross, this breed was designed to have a body, character, and coat that combined traits from both the Burmese and the Siamese. Usually, a cross breed is only created to establish a specific color or coat trait.

Since the Tonkinese is such a balanced cross breed, it is no surprise that these cats have a wonderful personality. This breed is very loving and affectionate. These cats are the ideal choice for families or multiple cat homes. They even are tolerant of dogs and other pets. These cats actually seem to enjoy children and don't mind a bit of undignified play.

Your cat may even be willing to attend your child's tea party in fancy dress. When you sit on the couch, your cat will either leap onto your shoulder or curl up in your lap. When you climb into bed at night, he will snuggle under the covers with you. If you don't want a cat that is cuddly, this breed is not right for you.

The Tonkinese also has a playful nature. These cats love to play hide and seek or launch sneak attacks on their unsuspecting family members. Be sure to give your cat plenty of toys to keep him happy and occupied.

Tonkinese cat breeders love the funWith its outgoing and affectionate personality, the Tonkinese is not a good choice for people who spend a lot of time away from home. If you work long hours and own one of these cats, you should consider adding a second Tonkinese or a similarly playful cat to your household. 

These cats are extremely intelligent and easily trainable. You can teach your Tonkinese to come when he is called, to play fetch, and even to walk on a leash.  Tonkinese cat breeders love the beautyThe Tonkinese weighs six to twelve pounds and has a wedge shaped head, slightly slanted eyes, a muscular body, and a long, graceful tail. This breed comes in Brown, Chocolate, Red, Blue, Lilac, Cream, Cinnamon, and Fawn colors, with Tortoiseshell Mink, self, and tabby patterns. However, only the Mink patterned cats are able to enter shows. These Mink cats must have striking blue eyes, but the other coat colors can have either blue or green eyes.

If a Siamese cat is a bit too chatty for you and the Burmese is a bit too shy, then find a couple Tonkinese cat breeders and get Tonked!

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Barb Henry, an accomplished photographer and lover of cats, especially the Tonkinese breed, contributed some splendid photos.

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