THE time my father told me the story about his cat

by alyssa

One day me and my father was walking home from school.And i asked my father this'' daddy do u know any cats over here''? because my father lived in kim ket wich was in Toa Payoh.Before i was born my father was living with his mother so he had a cute and playful cat wich was named SIAM.My father told me all about it.I felt so jealors because i would love a cat wich was my pet. And i love cat so much that i was begging my father to buy one for me but he said'' when i am responsible enough to take care of a cat.'' I was sad because i always wanted to take care of a cat and name it preciuos because i treat my cat like it was my bff.Me my mother and father loved cat but my mother is now scared of cats because she fed a cat and it bit her finger and scratched her so she still love cat but she will not touch it.

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