Tamara and Tessa Come to the Rescue

One day my little sister Tessa was dog sitting our neighbors dog. The dog started to bark at something in the middle of the road. Tessa thought it was a squirrel so she was going to chase it to the other side so it wouldn't get hit by a car. When she went over to chase it she found out it was a cat.

The cat was barely able to make it to the side of the road. She quickly went and put the dog in his house and ran over to ours she got me and told me their was a just born kitten on the side of the road. We ran over their.

When we got their I carefully took the kitten and went home. We locked our dog out and took the cat and played with her in Tessa's room. What I thought was really funny was that my little sister wanted the cat on her lap and no matter hard we tried the cat would just go right back onto my lap.

The kitten was very sick so she was treated accidentally and they said it was a boy at first then the last couple visits they said it was a girl. But Mr. Kitty is a girl but she sadly already found out her new name.

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