StudMuffin's Tavern

by Marlene Despres
(Montrose, Colorado)

Homemade Cat Shelter

Homemade Cat Shelter

Homemade Cat Shelter Inside Insulated Enclosure StudMuffin happy & healthy from love & norishment First visit from stray tomcat, StudMuffin

Hello, Cat Lovers!! Last fall I was pleasingly surprised when I looked

out my back door window to see an adult tabby cat napping on my patio
chair. He looked so much like my "Honey", who I had to put to sleep
a year before, due to leukemia, that I fell in love with him at first
sight. After he appeared the first time, I would see him visit again
to sun himself on that patio chair. He was very timid and ran away
whenever I tried to show affection. I knew he was a stray tomcat and
was very hungry so I left him food & water daily. Winter was approaching so I built a little insulated shelter for him & put his
food bowls inside to make him feel more welcomed to shelter himself
comfortably. The plastic Rubbermaid container just wasn't enough to
make him feel secure so I built an insulated waterproof enclosure
around my patio bench chair, filled with straw, & covered opening.
Sure enough, he found this protective, cozy, & homey, suited just for
him. Now he's finally warmed up to me trustingly, is very lovable &
sweet, he comes in my house to eat & rest. I have photos of his cat
house which I named "StudMuffin's Tavern"
by Marlene Despres

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