StudMuffin's Last Days.....Miss him already!

by Marlene Despres
(Montrose, Colorado)



Inside Kitty crib placed above ground My little friend is very sick.......

It's me again, the lady who's been feeding & making friends with some

homeless cats left behind. One in particular called "StudMuffin" that
I've been feeding since November 2010. Today, July 20, 2011, he's
become ill, dehydrated, loss of appetite. Vet has diagnosed him with
Feline Leukemia along with other afflictions. Last night he came to
eat a bit & nap on my futon. He wanted to leave after that I let him
out. I pray he will not suffer from his illness's & peacefully go to
sleep rather than trapping him into a pet taxi, then in a cage, just
to have that final shot to sleep for ever. Life can be cold when you
lose something you love. Miss you already, "StudMuffin"....Marlene

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