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Nov 22, 2011
The Cat Motel 11/2011
by: Meowlene

Now that "StudMuffin" is gone a new stray has appeared with a hefty appetite!! A very timid & cautious stray(abandoned)...he knows where to come for a hearty meal & affection...Right here on my patio however, I just recently moved but nevertheless, continue to feed & shelter him b/c I love the little cat. He's no stranger to abandonment. He's lovable & sweet!! I just built him a "Cat Motel" with upper & lower chamber completely weatherproof & ironclad. It's on my old next door neighbor's patio as he agreed to allow the "Cat Motel" .... "Fatty Pie" & myself are both pleased !!!! PS A new feline has been visiting the Cat Motel also. Looks like an older male relative that consumed a mooshed up pancake I left there. So I named him "Uncle Pancake" **Here's a photo of my new "Cat Motel" marlene

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