Stray Cat's Decorated Crib

by Marlene Despres

Kitty Crib pix of His oldest kitten son

Hello Again, Cat Lovers!!! After posting my 2 stories about feeding &

sheltering a stray cat in my neighborhood, I thought to elaborate the
cat's "Kitty Krib" inside just for fun & inspire other cat lovers alike. Initially, I built the most recent cat shelter for a cleaner more sophisticated appearance with a touch of originality on the inside with the walls decorated with "StudMuffin's" lady cat friends.
Well, after giving it more thought, since he is a tom cat running free, he must have made some kittens. This is why I've decided to add
kitten photos to the walls of his "Kitty Crib" of "StudMuffin's" new
Tavern. Sincerely, Marlene Despres

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