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What Stage Of Cat Pregnancy
Is Your Cat Experiencing?

Stage of cat pregnancy Mother cat and KittenSometimes its difficult to know what stage of cat pregnancy your cat is living through.  In fact, you may not realize she is pregnant until she presents you with a litter of charming kittens. 

Basically, you the total gestation period is 9 weeks - 64 days.   

  • In the first 2 - 3 weeks you may not notice much change in her, except that she is more 'at home' and doesn't stray from the yard;

  • Her nipples will be bright pink like bubble gum when in week 3;

  • Weight gain becomes apparent in the 5th week;

  • In the 5th week gently feel her tummy.  If you feel hard, golf ball sized bumps, those are her kittens.

  • Her nipples are visibly larger and start to fill with milk in the 6th week;

  • At nine weeks, her large, full abdomen indicates that delivery time is very near;

  • She spends a lot of time in one spot, this is probably her birthing nest.



From Embryo To Kitten

Make sure you have good homes lined up for these precious lives

16 Days - The embryo is surrounded by fluid and is attached to the wall of the uterus.

18 Days - The head, backbone and tail become apparent. The embryo feeds of the nutrients in the yolk sack.

21 Days - The limbs are visibly forming. So are the eyes. Food comes via the umbilical cord.

28 Days - All the internal organs have developed. The tiny kitten is about 1in. or 2.5 cm. long.

35 Days - The developing fetus grows rapidly and is now about 2.5 in. or 6 cm long.

63 Days - The kitten is ready to emerge. In the last 28 days it has doubled in length.

Its been nine weeks. You can hardly believe it. Your near full-term feline cat momma is now experiencing higher levels of estrogen. She starts to search for the nesting site. She starts to groom herself more frequently.

Its been 63 days. Your are in the last stage of cat pregnancy.  You realize you haven't seen you Momma cat for several hours. You inspect her nesting area.  

Stage of Cat pregnancy newborn kitten

Congratulations are in order!

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Natural Remedies

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Don't forget to get to a vet in the earliest stage of cat pregnancy.


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