The Singapura Cat Breed Is
A Diminutive Survivor


The Singapura cat breed, affectionately known as the “Singapore Drain Cat”, is a diminutive survivor of the city streets. Out of the many cat breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association, the Singapura cat is probably the breed with the strongest will to survive. These tough little cats have endured almost impossible conditions to grow and thrive.


Its lifestyle was scavenging the back allies and sewer drains of the city.

 singapura cat lived in sewersThe cats originally lived in the water culverts of Singapore. We don’t have much of its ancestry documented.  Its likely to have been the offspring of local, oriental type cats mating with recently disembarked ship cats whose host ship had docked in local ports.


Luckily, Hal and Tommy Meadow plucked three of these cats from the local sewers importing them to the United States in 1975.  Tommy was an experienced breeder and judge.  She and Hal worked together to bred and promote the Singapura cat breed.  Today, most registries recognize the Singapuras. 


The first traits people notice in the Singapura cat breed is their small stature and enchanting, large eyes. This breed is often smaller than many other cat breeds, females weighing in at only 4-5 pounds and the adult males 6-7 pounds.

Singapura cat breed profile


Another trait people notice in the Singapura is their fur.  The pattern is called Agouti.The hair shafts in Agouti fur has different color bands.  Some people refer to it a ticked.  The cats come in one color. Brown - dark brown shades, with an ivory base.  

  This breed has a slightly rounded head and slightly almond shaped hazel, green, or gold eyes. They also have an "M" on their foreheads with a dark outline around their eyes, like eyeliner. The Singapura's tail is medium length and gracefully tapers to a point.  

Don't be fooled by the Singapura's small size.  They are very muscular, confident and agile.  They are fast and great jumpers, like a kangaroo.  Because they are so athletic, it is important to protect them from escaping the indoors.  Some Singapura cat breeders take precautions and fit their cats with collar, identification or microchip.  


 Their fur is easy to care for, just petting them will remove any loose fur.  Additional combing is not required, but brushing helps remove dead hair and keeps your Singapura looking splendid.  Occasionally you may want to take a damp cloth to remove eye matter from their face.


These cats are quite adept at wrapping their owners around their paws and can easily become so used to getting exactly what they want that they become quiet, but loving little tyrants. After all, it is very hard to be firm with such a tiny cat, especially when he looks up at you with enormous, soft eyes.


The Singapura has a reputation for being quite playful. Provide plenty of toys, scratching and climbing posts.  If you take some time, they are highly trainable.  Try using a clicker to engage your Singapura in training time.  Reward with treats and you'll have a tiny performer in no time at all.


If you need help during house chores, painting, mopping or dusting, they will be right there by your side - helping or supervising.  While most cats become much less playful as they mature, these little cats continue to romp and pounce about as if they are still kittens. Of course, this could be because this breed can take up to four years to become mature, so they are still kittens long after other cats have moved on to adulthood.


Singapuras do well with children, often wearing the child out with play before they were down.  Since they are active, if you are an absent during the day, consider a second (or more) cat or Singapura.  They are even tempered and get along well with other cats. 


The Singapura cat is the ideal cat breed for anyone who wants a kitten that never grows up--or sits still.  If you are ready to share your life and love with an attentive, adoring cat packed into a tiny shell, then the Singapura cat breed is for you.



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