Sam The Bengal Cat's Lizard

by Ariah
(on an island)

Sam's lizard

Sam's lizard

Ariah sent me a great picture of Sam's lizard! I laughed out loud as I read this. Does anyone have a story to top this one? Here's the note Ariah sent with the picture....

Hi kate,
Good day. Sam likes to converse with lizards especially at night time when every one is in bed. She is yowling VERY loud! Honestly, she could wake the death. Every time she sees lizard on the ceiling she would scream. It never cross my mind that a cat that size is so vocal.

I remember when i was very young, i had a local cat named putih means white in english. She died of old age. As far as i can remember , she wasnt that loud. sam is different. The first month i have her, no sound coming out from her, not even any 'little meow'. Maybe because she is scared of being at a new place, a strange person etc. But now she is running , climbing, racing and yowling.

Is this normal for a bengal cat yowling so so LOUD. I wish i could rub her just to let her know its okay, its only a lizard. Of course i cant do that, as sam would race to the other end of the room.

[Kate} Now the next part of the story I'm saving for another topic... for now...

back to the lizard, i try to spray, non-toxic spray to minimize the
lizards at my flat. It works for an hour or so, then they are back
again. I guess it is the tropic thing.

another alternative, i turn on all the light when i went to bed. Sam still yowling, but control but i end up watching the astro channel whilst other people in bed.

so thats another story about me, sam and the lizards.

Have a great weekend.

kind regards,

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