by Brittany Rose Tennant
(Yakima, Wa, USA)

Rascal enjoying the grass.

Rascal enjoying the grass.

Rascal enjoying the grass. A sour face though she's purring very loudly. Loveable as always! Rascal is demanding love, and that the camera gets put away.

The first time I saw Rascal I thought there was just a kitty stuffed animal toy on the floor, and as I walked around she started to move. A few months before that our previous cat Cuddles ran away to die, she had gotten hit by a car months before so we assumed she left to die. I was sad and missed Cuddles, the tom cat we adopted/convinced with food and love to live with us rather than in the alley. My dad knew this and when he saw people feeding this little (not even weened) kitten being fed crank by its owners he knew she'd have a better life with us. When the little toy moved I fell in love. I have always loved animals and this new kitten was so adorable. We got along immediately. That was over 10 years now. My family has moved a few times, each time Rascal disliking us until she got used to the new place. She's a bit of a bully so she always shows the neighborhood cats her dominance. She eats mice and birds like their nothing, and she doesn't mind playing with them in the house, much to my mother's dismay. Rascal loves getting pet and take turns whose bed she is going to sleep on next. She does shed a lot, her black fur getting every where. She is playful too, when she was still young she would hide in the laundry room and swat at people who walked by. She still does similar swatting every now and then. She's an outdoor/indoor cat who does what ever she wants. She does love tuna and being on the counters, but knows when to get off (though sometimes we have to tell her more than once the cheeky girl). She is the animal we've had the longest and the one I love the most. She does hate kittens and dogs, anything else really, but that's because we're her family and that's just how it is. I love this cat who I first thought was a toy. With the loudest purr imaginable, Rascal will live a long life! I love her!

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