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Ragdoll cat breeders have an interesting entry into the American cat fancier world.  The first Ragdoll breeder was Ann Baker from Riverside California in the 1960's. Ann bred black Persians, but she noticed her neighbor's cat, Josephine, had kittens that were even tempered and their fur did not matt. This is a huge plus for long hair cat lovers.

Ann acquired some of Josephine's kittens and bred them using line breeding (close relatives bred to each other) and in-breeding (close felines relatives like parent to sibling) until she had the best of her favorite traits. She named the breed Ragdoll for its ability to go lip in your arms like a toy ragdoll.

Ragdoll cat breeders can't trace the exact lineage of this breed

Danny from the Ragdoll Cat breeders of Jaymylnkatz doing what Ragdolls do - relaxing. 

The distant lineage is unknown, but it is felt that the breed has ties to the Birman cat and a longhair cat with an unknown ancestry, possibly a Colorpoint Persian or Siamese.

The Ragdoll does not come in a wide range of colors and patterns. In fact, there are actually only four colors accepted by the Cat Fancier's Association, Seal, Chocolate, Blue, and Lilac. You can find these colors in pointed, mitted, or bicolor patterns, but some breeders avoid mitted cats because they look too much like the breed's Birman ancestors. 

This breed is one of the largest of the cat breeds, weighing between 15-20 pounds for males and 10-15 pounds for females at maturity. They have a normal nose shape, a broad, modified-wedge shape for their heads. Ears are medium in size. They reach full maturity at 3 years old. This breed's tail is slightly bushy and tapers at the end.

Radoll cat breeders will confirm that these cats are perfect for families.  These cats are almost dog like in their behavior, greeting family members at the door, following them through the house, and snuggling down beside them on the sofa or lying around in front of the fireplace.

They are very adaptable animals. They get along well with people in any age group. However, with young children, make sure you keep a close monitor on activity. These cats are very trusting and young children sometimes hurt their feline friend because they aren't in good control of their motor functions. This can cause their Ragdoll to distrust them and avoid contact with the child.

While this cat breed does not need the company of other pets and seems to prefer to spend time with family members over cats, it does not mind living with other cats.Ragdoll cat breeders Patrick 6 weeks


6 week old kitten Patrick from Jaymylnkatz






Since the Ragdoll is a longhair cat, some prospective cat owners are a bit hesitant about choosing this breed. They really only need to groom them with a steel comb a few times a month, except during spring when they shed.  Then their fur requires more attention. However, this breed's silky coat texture makes it a very low care cat. A big plus is that they do not matt!

One thing you may want to keep in mind is that although most longhairs are prone to hairballs, these cats rarely develop them.

If you want a sweet tempered, cat to 'hang' around with, then the big, easy going Ragdoll may be the ideal breed for you.

Sweet tempered Ragdoll cats

If you want a sweet tempered, cat to 'hang' around with, then the big, easy going Ragdoll may be the ideal breed for you. Magnificent Ragdoll cat Seal Chocolate

Patrick grown up from the Ragdoll Cat breeders of Jaymylnkatz

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