Princess Zelda

by Amber
(Stuart, FL)

curled up in a basket

curled up in a basket

I adopted my little Zelda Bean almost 3 years ago. I was looking for a Hemingway kitten and found Zelda. Although not quite a Hemingway, she does have the extra thumbs. One of them is little, but the other is quite large. The adoption agency wasn't sure of her age, since she was found in a box in a parking lot, but estimated her to be 9 months when I got her. She turned out to be the best gift I could ever give myself. She has been my best friend since I got her. She follows me around, plays like a kitten, and talks non-stop. She is the sweetest thing ever, even though she can be quite a killer when it comes to lizards and bugs. She comes when I call her and listens when I scorn her. She acts like a dog, but is much smarter. I'm not sure of her breed, but she strikes a resemblence to the Burmese cats. I love my Zelda more than anything. :)

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