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The EditorThis is Kate Rieger, Coolest Cat Care Editor and Numero Uno assistant to the feline management team.

One of the amazing things about the feline fan world is that there is an entire universe of people who are eager to help out others with their cat care questions and problems. Here are some of our partners whose services or products have helped our cats or their human counterparts.

The greatest thanks you can give to another is a testimonial and referral.  So here are some thank yous...

The most critical issue facing pets in Louisville, KY and surrounding communities today is finding enough permanent, loving homes for stray cats and dogs.  We are partnered with their S.N.I.P clinic and have  neutered 5 feral cats in our neighborhood.  It doesn't sound like a lot, but the numbers of unwanted kittens a single female cat and her offspring produce is staggering. 

  • The average number of litters a fertile cat can produce in one year:3 
  • Average number of animals in an average feline litter: 4-6 
  • In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats.  Thanks for being there Kentucky SNIP clinic.

Looking for solutions to your pet care and pet health problems? Dr. Andrew Jones is a champion of using natural remedies so you can treat your pet at home without a veterinarian!

Are you weary and just a little bit cautious about using antibiotics and man-made chemicals to treat your best feline buddy? PetsAlive is our trusted resource for natural remedies.

Has the high cost of vet bills got you dreading a real emergency?  There is such a thing as cat health care insurance.  Check out the best deals on pet and cat health care insurance online!

If your cat doesn't have furniture just for them to play and sleep on then you're going to get a furry behind sitting in all your cat's chairs!  Check out these cat furniture specialists for outstanding selections of cat climbing furniture. 


Barb Henry, an accomplished photographer and lover of cats, especially the Tonkinese breed, contributed some splendid photos.  My personal favorites are on the article about Cat Cataracts and the introduction to Behavior Training page. We are always looking for owners or breeders who are open to sharing articles and photos. 


The very first person kind enough to share her feline cat family pictures with us was Denise from Jaymlyndols Ragdoll Cats and Jaymlynkatz Norwegian Forest Cats.  Her beauties are featured in the Ragdoll Cat Breeders article and the Norwegian Forest Cat profile page.

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Save your cat's life. Take 2 minutes to watch this video

You'll be surprised at the number of things that can poison or harm your beloved feline.

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