by Daisy
(Ridgecrest, Ca, United States)

Where to begin? Welll a couple months ago my friend richie commited suicde... and ever since that day this cat followed me around everywhere. She will walk right beside me when i take out the garbage or walk the neighborhood she will not let me out of her sight since that day all that happened she was an outdoor cat so i just put food and water on the porch for her couple months went by and it was very windy and cold outside so i let her in and ever since that day she will always sleep with me nd i let her outside everyday and. She always comes bak around 9ish or 10 or whenever she is ready to come inside she took my heart away nd i will do anything for her she is a spoiled lil brat but i love her and now im expecting kittens!!! :D she is in her 5th week of pregnancy.!!

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