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The Ocicat cat breed is often thought to be a pairing of the Wild Ocelot and another domesticated cat breed. Read about the Ocicat cat breed and then watch the video below.

Ocicat - Amazing Cats  By Ron King

A Look At the Fascinating Ocicat

Admirers of leopards and ocelots will learn that there is a cat with the same exotic appearance that is domesticated, the Ocicat. While the extra-large feral spotted cats can be lethal, these cats make wonderful pets. The Ocicat was developed completely by accident when a American breeder tried to develop a Siamese of had a different color.

The breeder mated a Siamese cat with an Abyssinian cat and the result was a mottle-spotted kitten with a wonderful personality, but which looks wild and dangerous. They named it an "Ocicat" to describe why it looked like a cross between an Ocelot and a Cat.

The Ocicat is a medium-sized cat, weighing in at 6-14 pounds. Its powerful, graceful mass is set on muscular legs. This breed's head has a distinct wedge shape, which is topped by large, Siamese like ears. These cats have eyes with a slightly Oriental shape that are surrounded by dark color. Many cat lovers say this rim of color makes Ocicats look as though they are wearing glasses. A long, gracefully tapered tail completes the wild appearance of this breed.

While the original Ocicat was ivory-colored with golden spots, there are now many additional recognized colors. You might discover these spotted cats in Tawny, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blue, Lavender, and Fawn colors. In addition, Ocicats come in spotted tabby, spotted silver tabby, and spotted smoke patterns of all of the above colors.

If you are a busy person who is never at home, you should not own an Ocicat. These cats are highly people-oriented and become depressed and upset if they are left alone for long periods. This love of people makes this breed the ideal family pet. In fact, even visiting family and visiting relations will be happily greeted by these outgoing cats. While the Ocicat thrives on human attention, this sociable cat also enjoys compatible living happily in the company of other cats, making it an excellent breed choice for a multiple cat home.

These cats are very playful, so it's important therefore to keep your Ocicat happy, you should be sure to set out plenty of toys. However, this doesn't mean you need to go broke. Simple toys, like a big feather or a crumpled piece of paper, provide hours of entertainment for these sweet-natured animals.

The Ocicat is among highly intelligent cat breeds. You can easily teach your cat simple commands, such as how to come and fetch, but don't stop there. These fast learners have been able to learn to quite a many other commands, as well.

People who don't enjoy grooming their cats will be happy to know that the Ocicat does not actually need to be groomed frequently. A quick brushing once a week should keep your Ocicat looking sleek and healthy. But, since this breed enjoys the attention, you may want to groom your cat several times a week.

If one wants to take in a cat that looks as striking as the jungle cats, then you may just want to get an Ocicat. These cats provide the best of both worlds - a wild look and a sweet nature.

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