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The Norwegian Forest Cat Breed
First European Feline Explorers of North America

The thick coated Norwegian Forest Cat originated in chilly Norway during the early nineteen hundreds. This cat's feline ancestors accompanied the warlike Vikings as they sailed around the world. This handsome cat is Bowetzo, a Norwegian Forest Cat from Jaymylnkatz.

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The Norwegian Forest Cat kept their owners company, but they also had a more important purpose, rodent control.

This is a longhaired cat

While the Norwegian Forest Cat's thick, long coat looks beautiful, you should be prepared to do a bit of grooming to keep it that way.

You will have to brush this cat's coat out once a week or your cat may end up with a matted and tangled coat that will need to be shaved off. Since clipping a cat can be quite stressful for him, try to keep his coat free of tangles.

If you are looking for a playful, active cat that loves family interaction, then the Norwegian Forest Cat is probably the breed for you. Most are quite happy to accept and play with strangers as well as their own people.

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeds Kittens picture

The Norwegian Forest cat evolved, by necessity, as a very efficient and resourceful hunter. That instinct is still there so they have to given some sort of activity or entertainment to take the place of that drive.

If she were left alone in the home for long periods, the owners definitely need to set aside time for play or walks on a lead. Because they love activity and interaction, they may not be the best companion for busy professionals.

They aren't terribly demanding, but someone with this lifestyle should be prepared to spend some serious one-on-one time with their Norwegian when they return from work.

A great companion cat

Norwegians are great as a companion cat for people living on their own. They love spending time with you and are also great helpers.  They add interest and style to any normally dull painting chore. The Norwegian becomes very attached to his family and is very devoted and loving. 

After all, if these beautiful cats were loved by the legendary Vikings, they have to be special. 

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If you want a cat with a warrior past and a gentle nature, then the Norwegian Forest Cat breed may just be the ideal breed for you.  

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