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There has been a lot of press concerning lead in toys and the potential for lead toxicity. The most common source for lead toxicity in cats is paint dust caused by renovations.

Do you live in an old house?  Before you start your next renovation there is something you should know.  There may be lead in the paint you are scraping away and it could poison your children and your cat!

Lead is a metal that can be toxic.  Old paint contained lead and the paint, paint chips and paint dust from homes being renovated are a possible source of lead that can cause lead toxicity.  This was a problem in paints produced prior to 1977 contain high lead levels.  The paint is perfectly safe while it's on the walls, but once you start scraping and disturbing the paint, you may have a problem.

Cats are especially in danger of suffering lead toxicity.  The dust may get in their fur and then be ingested when grooming.  If you suspect or know that there is lead in the paint of your home, you should definitely keep you can away from any renovation projects, either in another room or by boarding her.

Common signs of lead poisoning may include vomiting and diarrhea that may progress to symptoms that involves the nervous system such as seizures or abnormal behavior.  Lead toxicity can also cause anemia which can cause lethargy and weakness.

There are a number of things that we can do for our pets to prolong the healthy functioning of their kidneys. Feed a good natural diet low in salt, phosphorous and relatively low in protein. As your pet gets older, regular check ups at the vet are advised so that progress of the kidneys and other organs can be monitored. Our pets are exposed to a variety of toxins that are particularly harmful to the kidneys.

Anti-freeze is one of the most dangerous as it tastes relatively pleasant and can easily be lapped up by your dog or cat if left lying around. Certain antibiotics are also very toxic to the kidneys – try and go the natural way.


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