by Marlene
(Montrose, Colorado)

The Cat Motel  2011  by marlene

The Cat Motel 2011 by marlene

The Cat Motel  2011  by marlene

Hello Cat Lovers!!! Are you sure you want to read this little story??
Just built another cat shelter for 2 homeless abandoned kitties that wandered through my old stomping grounds. I couldn't bare the thought of moving away & forgetting about these precious little animals after feeding & sheltering them for a year this month!! At my new home, I cannot harbor a pet so I built another cat shelter iron clad with cat walk to upper chambers. With the harsh winter weather approaching, the cats will be fed & sheltered daily as I frequent my old stomping grounds on my old next door neighbor's patio. It's all new to them but once they sample The Cat Motel, they'll call it their home base!!
It's completely weatherproof & cat friendly!! marlene

***Here's a visual 4-u ******

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