My Love

by April
(Concord, NH USA)

The Love Bug

The Love Bug

This is a story about a cat who stole the heart of my husband and myself. Back in 2008 my husband and I was visiting with a friend who had a neighbor who brought this kitten down to visit and as soon as the kitten got down he went over to my friends dog's food and started eating like he was starving to death. Reluctantly I picked up this kitten and ear mites were crawling from this kittens ears.

Not really wanting a kitten I made a plea to this girl to let me take the kitten home and she asked me if I wanted to buy him and I said no. I said to her people go to jail for this. So I will tell you what I will take the kitten home and forget about notifying the authorities.
Now, you have to understand I had always liked kittens and cats from a distance I did not want one nor did I really like them. I am an animal lover. Well took the kitten home after stopping at the pet store to get stuff to clean his ears, get food, cat toys and a bed and of course a small crate for the nights so nothing would happen to this kitten. Oh of course we got the litterbox. Monday took the kitten to the vets and he was to young to get his shots.
My husband fell in love with the cat over the weekend not me, I really didn't know if I wanted to keep the kitten. My main objective was to get that kitten from that lady who couldn't properly take care of the kitten. My husband named the kitten Snowflake and our Greyhound loved the kitten. My husband said to me it is two against one. Snowflake is staying.
I really never knew how one kitten could melt my heart. We have been through a broken leg. Snowflake is an indoor cat and one night he got out and I was shaken up it was at that moment that I realized
I could not see my life without Snowflake. I have been looking into getting another cat.

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