My Girls

by Mary Netta Abe

The Girls

The Girls

Like the potato chip commercial where "you can't just eat one," I have learned you just can't have one!

Pictured are: Lucy the calico, Tulip the orange tabby, and Mochi the torti-tabby.
The story begins in the year 2006. Sami, our first cat, died at the age of 21 years. The sadness, the emptiness was unbearable. Sami left a void that only a cat lover can relate to...
Two weeks later, I found myself walking in to the Humane Society where Sami was adopted. "You are just going to look," that inner, cautionary voice said. I allowed a couple of cats to 'interview me' in the visitation room. Sweet cats, but no magic. One cat seemed to watch my every move. "Better check her out," that voice said. The cat, who was seated on a perch, came readily into my arms when I scooped her up. She purred and nuzzled under my chin and the kisses! Lucy, 5 years old at the time, had been surrendered because the owner was seriously ill. The age had me a teensy bit reluctant, especially after just losing Sami. But how on earth could I walk away from Lucy!? The mere thought of it nearly choked me up!
Almost exactly a year later, we decided to give Lucy a 'sister.' Mochi, who was 9 months old at the time, had also been surrendered due to an owner who was ill.
Lucy was not exactly thrilled with the new kid, but patience paid off.
Two cats are wonderful- I was content with that number. That inner mostly cautionary voice said, wouldn't it be neat to have another female orange tabby? At this time, my precious husband was in Hospice, dying of lymphoma. How reliable is an inner voice at that time, I warned myself. Still, I checked the Humane Society's web page. There she was. A two-year old female orange tabby named Tulip. As I read her bio, I learned that she, too, was surrendered because the owner was ill! This is too much of a coincidence*- I had to check her out. The answer would depend upon her. As it turned out, she was very affectionate i.e. a keeper!
Lucy was not at all thrilled with the newest girl. Again, patience and faith in Lucy's overall nature was what made the adjustment period tolerable. My husband died 3 days after Tulip came to join us, and it was the affection & silly antics of her; Mochi and Lucy that reminded me that inner joy never dies!

*a dear friend told me that with God, there are no such things as mere 'coincidence'!

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