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Jan 22, 2009
Thank you Kate
by: Mary Netta Abe

How sweet of you to, in turn, touch my heart by your kind words.. I am glad that my girls could offer you a touch of sunshine at this sad time. This is an amazing web site!

Jan 21, 2009
Loosing Our Cat and Human Friends
by: Anonymous

Mary Netta Abe,

What an absolutely fantastic story. I have to say, your story of adoption and loss of your husband really set me back.

6 days ago I was traveling on my job and I learned that one of my dear friends had passed away. I have been in a 'cell of grief' since then.

Your statement about "with God there is no coincidence" really hit home.

We are blessed by those that love us and can only give thanks that they shared their lives with us.

Mary, thank you for making my life better with your story, your picture of your beauties and your love.


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