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Aug 09, 2013
Missing your "Jasper" NEW
by: Marlene

Just reading about "Jasper" is sad because he's gone & he was your best friend too. Discovering a homeless cat on my patio 1 day, I adopted "Honey" he had a racoon tail like "Jasper" ...he was very sweet & we bonded the day I took him in. Months later he loved being indoors mostly then I tested him for feline leukemia & sure enough he had it. Finally he became so ill I had to send him to "Cat Heaven" ...
think he's there with "Jasper" playing & hunting like kittens growing up again. Missn' him too.
Hope you adopt another one like him. ~ Marlene

Aug 09, 2013
You do what you can
by: Kate

I think it's great you try to do what you can for the kitties. Keep strong and stick with it. You can't spay them all, I know. You might see if there is a nearby Alley Cat Allies service. They help people spay cats for free or a nominal charge.

Aug 09, 2013
I lost another friend, again because of others
by: walkson4

my names come from the cats ( they walk on 4, hands and feet ). I had saved 4 feral kittens , maybe 4 winters ago, the queen walked into traffic, she knew very well how to cross the street with street light. ( I think committed suicide ) , you see she had just barely escaped a vicious dog attack, but her first litter daughter ( sole survivor ) was trying to protect her two sickly kittens ( her first litter ), the dog killed all three. Anyway I tried to save her last litter 2 males/ 2 females. I got them into my back hall, I rent. I foolishly , trying to hide them from neighbors, left them out there over night. They did have heavy blanket, inside an opened med. sized tote; with food and water. Sadly the two female died over night...because their brothers slept on top of them. Ugh ( men ). I kept the boys very well hidden inside my ( no pets allowed apartment. They grew and were very healthy, well owner heard them one day, of course ; it was them or me, just laid- off. So I gave them to my son ( both looked exactly like your Jasper, but each had 9 fingers and 16 toes, along with opposite ( I called tattoo sleeves on their arms ). I gave Willow and Liam to my son with money for both to be neutered. Which he did not do, lost his job, came to stay back ( ugh ) home with me. I loved have the boys ( excluding my son ) back home. I didn't know neither had been to the vet yet. Now I already have a cat Augusta ( she was spayed as a kitten with microchip ), she wasn't to happy, but tolerated them . I was training them, they did all of this on command: sat, waited to eat when called, never got on counters, rarely on furniture, climbed in carrier to prepare for emergencies, litter trained . All were talkative but in low tones and never did fight. Again owner finds out ...male cat spraying. I come home from job searching the boys ( not my son ) are gone. He just put them out and his dad agreed. Neither cared for my feelings on the situation. Liam ran fast away, Willow I kept alive as a stray, now he didn't trust me , so I couldn't catch him for the vet.

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