by faith

well,my family owns a restraunt and we always have strays come around there all adorable.one day,a black bombay cat (very small)seemed to be pregnant.We kept feeding her anyways.My mom never wanted me to have a cat because i quote "wasn't responsible enough". i proved my point that i never have even had a chance so mom gave in.on the 4 of july i decided to run by the restraunt and check up on baby girl.(the bombay).she hid in an over grown tree which the roots in were like a little cave.i bet down to see how she was.i was shocked.there lied 2 little kittens.time passed by and we NEVER saw 1 kitty.only on the 4th.she seemed to of moved them to a safer place,or they passed away.one day i was in the kitchen talking to the workers and all the sudden,one who cares much for her and feeds her says "have you seen the kitty yet"?i was confused."what kitty?".she walked me out back and made me bend down in front of The washer machine.i didnt know what she wanted me to look at,but then my eyes focused!i saw baby girl and a gray adorable warrior kitten.i new right away the 2nd kitty never made it.every night,we fed her and since my mom was letting me keep them,we tried to get them.one day i was so desprate for the kitties because there was a bad hurricane later the next day!i wasnt taking ANY chances.my uncle tipped the washer machine and baby girl ran!leaving the kitten she dashed for the fence.my eyes watterd because i knew i was only gonna be able to get the kitten.all the water from the water machine started slowly dripping out before the first drop out came a kitten and than out came buckets of water!i was scared and so were both cats.even though baby girl wasnt there i knew she was.the kitten ran on the side of the building and lost herself in the tall grass.i spotted her and gently lifted her.i was balling my eyes out and she was shivering in fear.than i started crying harder.we loaded up the cage and put her in it.we went home and i couldnt stop crying i rapped the kitten in a soft blnaket and she was out in a second!she layed there and it was adorable.we fell asleep and when i woke up i she was up also so i tryed bottle feeding and she wouldnt give in.she didnt eat all day.i felt horrid.i called my grandma and she was at the restraunt and she said "we've got her!"i started crying again but with joy this time.i whispered in the kittens ear.of course she just sat there not having a clue what i said.grandma came over and i was so excited!she grabbed both cats and put them in the bathroom so they would bond and nurse and wouldnt hide!i havnt seen her nurse and its only day 2!the mommy eats my kitty dosnt hopefully shell start AND SOON!shes only 1 and a half months.there doing good and i need to get them to the vet after this storm!(to be checked out).im filled with emotion and will update you soon!

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