Meet Ronald reagan aka Ronnie

by Cathy Johnston

SupahStar! Ronnie

SupahStar! Ronnie

Ronnie is our "little shop cat"...his previous home was in a Redware Pottery shop whose owner saved Ronnie one wet, chilly night. Ronnie was under his porch, bedraggled and in poor shape. Ned took him in, got him the medical attention he needed and, more importantly, the love he needed and deserved. He was found on the day President Reagan died, thus his name.

Fast forward to the day that Ned realized he was giving Ronnie a home and shelter and love, but he just did not have the time to spend one on one with Ronnie and he felt a home with a loving family would be better. It was a tough decision to give him away...a friend I worked with who knew Ned advertised "free cat" on our intranet at work and would ask me almost daily 'Don't you want Ronnie...he is really a good cat, hee has these cute puffy cheeks. he also talks alot", etc. Thinking i was going to get a kitten I kept refusing. One day, as usual, she asked and for some reason, that day I said "yes". Best decision ever. I went to the shop to meet him...there he was, a big orange tabby with his face in the food bowl (he can still frequently be found this way!)He came over to me and let me pick him up...when I heard how he purred, I fell in love...he has a funny purr which sounds almost like laughter..."hahahaha"
The night I went to pick up my new kitty, Ned cried as he put him in the carrier...he is a gentle, kind man and he surely loved this kitty. Off we went to meet my other "kids"...2 dogs who were NOT used to a cat. I had come up with a plan to integrate all 3 pets gradually. Ronnie would live in my room/master bathroom, behind closed doors as I gradually opened the door enough to let the dogs watch him, sniff at him. After a couple of weeks of this the dogs settled down enough and Ronnie came out. He was quite cool around dogs and soon discovered how to mess with their heads by sneaking up on them, etc. My 17 year old son, Ben and I came to love this kitty with all of our hearts. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make us laugh at one of his antics or cute faces. He is strictly an indoor cat but loves gazing out the window and sleeping on my son's sunny sill. He is quite vocal at times. I'd swear he can "Helloooooo" or "Uh OHHHHH" (this right before he gets sick from eating too fast). When he finishes grooming himself and leaves his tongue hanging out, we can't help but crack up...silly boy.
I am sorry this is so long... could go on and on about the best cat ever, Ronnie, our little shop cat who brightens out lives daily.
Cathy and ben

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