Marlene Despres

by Marlene Despres
(Montrose, Colorado)

Inside new

Inside new

Inside new Front entrance enclosure attached to ensure dry interior from wind & rain. Interior of

Hello Cat Lovers!...It's me again sending you this new episode of cat

caring by making a new innovative "Kitty Crib" for my little stray
tom cat "StudMuffin". Recently, here in Montrose, Colorado, we had
some nasty stormy weather bringing in strong winds & rain. The spring
change of season can sometimes be overwhelming and make a disturbing
mess on your patio. Aside from that, my old cat shelter, "StudMuffin's Tavern", had some leaks & bees were starting to make nests inside where I could not reach. So I decided to build a more
iron clad, easy access, & attractive shanty for my little feline friend. Now, it's just luring him into his new "Kitty Crib" that may
take some doing by placing his food bowl inside when he comes to eat.
After building 3 cat shelters, this one should be the best prototype!
MMD 5/2011

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