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Nov 19, 2011
Moved Away but still feeding steady stray....
by: Marlene

Hello Cat lovers!! I'm the lady who built the homeless cat shelters & feeding them for a few years now. "StudMuffin's Tavern" & "Kitty Crib"...At at the end of 10/11 I had to move but only 3 blocks from where I was. I slowly removed the cat friendly
patio but continued to feed daily 1 remaining cat I
named "Fatty Pie" because he'd eat so much his belly
sagged on my patio cement. He became so thankful & affectionate that I could not abandon him due to my moving. (He was no stranger to abandonment) As I continue to go back to my old place with the cat shelter & food tray on my neighbor's patio, daily to leave food & water...I find that he's been sleeping in the "Kitty Crib" & eating all the food. Thank God. I pray that he'll be OK as the winter approaches. My next endeavor is to fence in my neighbor's patio to keep out wandering dogs that will consume the cat food. Encumber the food
tray with plastic to protect the cat's food & shelter from the weather!!! Can't help the poor homeless cat. Marlene

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