Lsing cat friends , others just don't want to understand.

by Michelle
(Cleveland,Ohio, USA)

Wow, so many to tell. I have been a caregiver of cats all of my life. No one I've come in contact with truly understands , just how much I love them. When I loose one , I feel a very deep loss. I don't do grieving well. Wherever I have lived I have had a kitten grow to cat, always to the vet and always spay /neuter. I have always again no matter where I lived taken care as best I could of the strays and ferals. I have fed, watered, sheltered and protected them. I have fought off a pack 7 large raccoons ( after they stole and killed 3 kittens ), I was so angry; and I've chased off 9 stray feral American boxer adult dogs for trying to get the the feral colony I discovered I had . When I called the no- kill shelter they help ,yes. Unbeknownst to me they took all of the cats/kittens and Willow to the APL in my city. I called shelter back for Willow ( I had home owners permission now to keep him. I had told the shelter this the day they came for the cats. I again was very angry. I called APL that day , saying I was coming down for Willow, they told me all kittens (7) had been adopted out , I was happy to hear. All 25 of the adults ( including " Willow " had to be put down ), they said because all were very aggressive. They Lied...none of those cats were aggressive. I had held them, calmed them after dog and raccoon attacks, fed them ...I have even bathed them indoors. I used to believe in the APL, now I don't at all, I will never give money in donations or shout the praises I used to. I am very angry and very sad. I cry still after almost 1 year of this happening. There are 2 male strays in the back yard now, I am currently unemployed, I still have my " Augusta ", she sees me get up real early and quickly go out to leave food and clean water for them. We still have the stray dogs out there, somewhere...not as brave as I was awhile ago. My husband and my son barely tolerate me feeding these 2 guys, but nothing is said to me. Just the way I like it. I'm afraid to give them names, as all from the colony had; but they are coming closer to eat at the sound of my voice. I just pray they will be alright. I pray every night that the cats/kittens outside and inside are protected form all of the predators awaiting them, especially the humans, and every day. I'm not a crazy cat lady... I am a true cat lover lady !!!

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