London's Terrible Eye Infection

by Alicia Fritz
(Logan. Utah)

So london's story began when I, adopted him when he was 8 weeks old he is a full blooded black siamese cat, he was very and weak at his age and we noticed his eyes were staying shut longer than should have been, well i got worried because he had passed it on to his sister but she didn't get it as bad. well london, he would meow and meow because his eyes bothered him so badly so I, grabbed a rag and picked him put the rag on his eye and pressed slightly and there it gooey white and yellow puss and infection and i barley opened his eyelid and there was his little blue eye, his infection went away within a week and his eyes are as beautiful as can be there are green and yellow, now he is the happiest cat I know and his vision is perfect that is the story of my baby kitten fighting his eye infection until he couldn't fight anymore.

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