How To Pill A Cat

Pilling a Cat Without Losing A Finger!

If you own a cat you've no doubt had to pill a cat too. Sometimes this can be a bit daunting. I remember we were trying to deal with Sally's allergy. We tried everything and it all involved some kind of pills.

At one point in time she was actually snapping at me. Thank goodness for the doctors as the Louisville allergy clinic. We finally dropped all the crazy treatments and put her on an immune booster as well as Atopica.

Anyhow, I have since had to pill a cat hundreds of times during my volunteer time with abandoned cats. I use the natural remedies when I can, but the SNIP clinic has to administer a certain protocol of meds. This always means we have pill a cat.

Anyhow , Dr. Adrienne is going to help you pill your cat. I hope you enjoy this lesson and that you don't have to give medications and pills to your cat very often.

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