Homemade Shelter

by Diana
(Central Ohio)

Living out in the country farmlands of Ohio, we always seem to have city folk come out this way to "dump" off their unwanted pets. My husband and I have had several in the years we have lived here. Cats seem to be the most popular. We'll never let them starve, and do our best to find homes for them. A year ago one such cat came into our lives. After the long hard winter he decided to stick around. He' a trooper our Charlie. For the most part he prefers the great outdoors, cept for every day 7 & 5...............he's at the door like clockwork. I brought him in at winter's end, de-flead him and got him some worming meds from our vet. He's grown into this huge "blond" lug and I love him. But I knew I had to do something for winter. Since I already had a 30 gallon storage tote I went and bought an inexpensive styrofoam cooler and placed it inside the tote. Mine is turned upside down (lids on the bottom) and I cut the holes on the side. Filled it with pine bedding and Charlie is livin' the good life. Just recently aother cat 'showed' up. Reckon I'll be making another haven soon.

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