Here's Mia

by Rob Franco
(Hatillo, PR, USA)

Beautiful Mia

Beautiful Mia

This cute, cuddly little thing is a handfull and boy do we love her! Mia is one of four sibbling kittens from a stray alleycat mother that gave birth to her small litter right outside our back doorway inside an old cupboard. Mia was the cutest of the four with her semi-long hair and crossed blue eyes. A couple of cat lovers from around the neighborhood came around and started to adopt the kittens and we were surprised that the cutest female kitten hadn't been adopted. The kittens were kept with the mother for about two to three weeks before they were given away; that was enough time for us to fall in love with little Mia.

I have had several cats in the past throughout my childhood and my wife always said that she would never have a cat, she "hated them". Having seen Mia as a newborn kitten warmed her up to the idea I guess.
To make a long story short, Mia is now a very spoiled part of our family and my wife is absolutely crazy about her. Whenever we come home there's Mia receiving us at the door. She loves to sleep in our laps or at our feet. She is by far the cutest cat I have ever had.

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