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My cats never get tired of watching this.  Get one for your cold winter days.  - Kate
By Robert Blake

Is your cat or kitten home-bound and bored out of their minds or asleep? Check out the catnip video for all sorts of great fun and entertainment. Are they stuck with boredom all day while waiting for you to come home and spend time with them? Video catnip is hours of excitement for your little friends. See squirrels, birds, and chipmunks in action, and enjoy your pet going wild for this video!

Video catnip relaxes people and energizes your pets. You'll get best results for indoor cats who are homebound and not used to these animals on a daily basis. Cats understand that they should be hunting these animals, and it allows them the opportunity to see them up close and personal. For best results your cat will be an indoor cat, as the outdoor cat sees scenes from the catnip video already and isn't quite the target market, though they do still enjoy

Video catnip is wonderful for cats and kittens of all ages and activity levels. It's a great tool for getting that lazy cat up off its duff and exercising. "Fat cat" may be a phrase referring to success but it is certainly not a good state for your little friend to be in, as it will shorten their lives unnecessarily. We owe it to ourselves and our pets to be in the best shape so we can spend the longest amount of time together that we possibly can.

The catnip video will get your cats and kittens energized. They don't understand television, so you can enjoy them looking to find their prey behind the TV! You may need to help them at first by drawing their attention to the screen so they know to look towards the screen.

Anyone who uses the catnip video is bound to be pleased by the joy of their cat and the sheer excitement. Give your cats and kittens a chance to feel like they are able to participate in wild nature, even if they never get to leave the loving confines of your house. Your little friends will be glad of the chance and you will have the joy of giving them the opportunity. The cat's owners will love the catnip video equally as much as the kitties themselves do; as they can see their little friends go insane with joy of catnip.

Robert Blake runs Happy Healthy Cats and All Things Catnip. Original article Catnip Video

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robert_Blake

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