Does Your Cat Suffer From Feline Urinary Tract Infections??

Feline urinary tract infections frequently are mistaken for behavior problems in a cat.  As a cat owner I know its easy to forget the critical role the feline urinary system plays in keeping your cat alive. Your cat's urinary system consists of two kidneys, a bladder, sphincter muscles, two ureters and a urethra. The only purpose of this system is to filter out excess fluids, waste and toxic leftovers in your cat's bloodstream.  It is then flushed out of your cat's body as urine.

When your cat's urinary system breaks down,  your cat may be suffering from a feline UTI or cat urinary blockage.  You have very little time to recognize the problem and get it remedied before your cat dies. 

Learn more about using natural remedies to prevent or treat feline urinary tract infections.  Find what works out best for you and your cat:



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