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Feline Urinary Tract Infection
Finally, A Natural Treatment!

PetAlive UTI-Free is a proven effective and natural feline urinary tract infection.  Is your cat suffering from these symptoms of a feline urinary tract infection?

  • Withdrawn or 'turned inward' behavior;

  • Prolonged licking in the genital area;

  • Urinating outside of the litter box;

  • Biting or nibbling at the tail or rear-end;

  • Fidgety and spastic episodes,

  • Cloudy or bloody urine;

  • Crying out in pain during urination

Feline urinary tract disorders are extremely painful.  Your normally well behaved cat may hide in closets, potty in all the wrong places and refuse food and water.

Stressful situations, low protein dry cat food products can cause improper pH in the feline bladder.  Feline urinary tract blockage tends to be more common in male cats than females because the urethra is narrower in males.  Bladder stones in the  male's urethra block the passage of urine.  This leads to an extremely painful death in less than 72 hours. 

What is UTI-Free?



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UTI-Free contains no animal products, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, is backed by the PetAlive One-Year Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.
UTI-Free is a selected combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients specially formulated to safely and effectively treat the causes and the symptoms of urinary tract and bladder infections in pets.

Arctostaphylos uva ursi: is a well known urinary antiseptic and excellent treatment for cystitis and all urinary tract problems. This herb contains the glycoside arbutin as the main active constituent. Hydroquinone derived from arbutin and methylarbutin is a powerful anti-bacterial agent and is thought to be responsible for uva ursi's ability to treat urinary tract infections.

Berberis vulgaris: This widely studied herb contains berberine as a main constituent. Berberine is a recognized antibacterial agent and has been shown to kill amoebae in test tube studies. It also prevents bacteria from attaching to cell walls, reduces inflammation and strengthens immune functioning, thereby warding off infection and acting as a preventative as well as a natural antibiotic. Berberis also helps to treat the symptoms of diarrhea, especially if related to E.Coli infection.

Cantharis (C6): is prescribed homeopathically for a variety of conditions, including severe cystitis and the burning urine associated with bladder infections, as well as the inability to pass more than a few drops of urine at a time.

Staphysagris (C6): is a proven homeopathic remedy also recommended for urogenital problems such as cystitis, as well as urine retention sometimes associated with prostate problems.

Lactose: (inactive ingredient)

(PetAlive UTI-Free contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)

How can UTI-Free help your pet?

Use UTI-Free to:

  • Naturally soothe and support the bladder and urinary tract
  • Maintain urinary tract and bladder health
  • Support the healthy flow of urine
  • Promote immune system functioning to keep pets healthy and free of infection

How do you use UTI-Free?


PetAlive UTI-Free comes in convenient dissolvable granule form. The fine granules are easy to administer to pets of all sizes and personalities and are simply sprinkled on the back of the tongue and left to dissolve. No fuss and bother!

Cats and small dogs: Large pinch of granules sprinkled into the mouth.
Small to medium dogs: Two pinches sprinkled into the mouth.
Medium to large dogs: 1/4 cap of granules sprinkled into the mouth.

Acute Conditions: Administer every 30 minutes for up to 6 doses a day or until symptoms subside. Thereafter administer two to three times daily for at least 7 days more or for as long as is necessary.

For animals with recurring UTI-infections: Two doses of PetAlive UTI-Free daily to maintain urinary tract health.

When will you see results?

Symptoms should begin to clear within a few days and should be under control within 7 - 10 days.

If your pet is run down or has recently been on antibiotics, it is recommended that you also administer a 10 - 14 day course of Immunity and Liver Support to strengthen functioning of the immune system.

Want to do more to help relieve your cat's feline urinary tract infection?

  • Ensure your cat has easy access to fresh water in a regularly cleaned bowl. Avoid chlorinated or fluorinated water.  You cat doesn't need the added chemicals.
  • "Holding it in" for long periods of time can lead to chronic bladder problems.  Make sure your cat has at least 2 litter boxes that you clean daily.
  • Your cat requires a high protein diet with plenty of raw and unprocessed, uncooked meat. Its time to get him off the dry cereal products.  
  • Avoid exposing your cat to toxins and chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, commercial flea collars, flea powder, insecticides and second-hand cigarette smoke.
  • Use Immunity and Liver Support capsules to boost your pet's immune functioning and resistance against disease and infection.
  • Talk to a holistic vet before immunizing your pet. Over-vaccination may stress the immune system unnecessarily and result in a vulnerability to recurring infection.
  • Regular exercise will help to keep your pet healthy and fit.
  • Minimize the stress in your pet's environment.

Retail Price: $43.95

Your Price: $34.95

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Does this sound too good to be true?

Our No Risk Guarantee...

PetAlive is so certain that you will be completely satisfied with their UTI-Free that they offer a One-Year unconditional money-back guarantee*.

Simply try UTI-Free for at least 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied - for any reason - return the product within 1 year for a complete refund (*less shipping fees).

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Just a few success stories...

"My soon to be 6 year old cat was diagnosed with bladder stones a month ago. They recommended surgery but we couldn’t afford it. I began to do research on this problem and how it’s developed and it all begins with the dry food. I changed her diet to wet food but I knew she needed some type of treatment. She was on antibiotics twice and we all know that after a prolonged time use of it, eventually it stops working. She’s been using UTI-Free for 3 weeks now and she is not in any discomfort at all. She’s more active; almost like a kitten and her urine flow seems so much more than before, not only that there is no blood in the urine as before! Thank God for Native Remedies! I strongly recommend it." - Josette, NY

"Our cat Louie came down with a UTI about 4 months ago and we took him to the vet...it ended up costing us over $900.00. So, when I noticed him having the same symptoms, I broke down. I refused to let him go, but I knew we couldn't afford the HUGE vet bill again. I found this site and asked my husband to order the UTI-Free. We received it and gave it to him right away. I am happy and very thankful to say that he is with us today and as normal as ever. Now we give it to Lestat, our other cat, as well." - Cynthia

"...what a wonderful product that absolutely works well and quickly!"

“This is in regard to your PetAlive UTI-FREE, what a wonderful product that absolutely works well and quickly! I mixed the stuff up with a tiny amount of cranberry juice, took a syringe without the needle and shot it in her mouth. It was not such a chore and I think she actually enjoyed it. Boo and I thank you so very much. So glad I found you guys, and I'm next to try your thyroid remedy.”  —Johanna Kilian


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