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Prevent Feline CancerThe increase of feline cancer and cancer in dogs is a reflection on the increase in cancer in our society as a whole. Studies show that cat breeds that used to live to be 15 in the 1960's now only live to 7 or 8 years.  Even breeders testify that the strong stock of 3 decades ago don't exist today.  Its hard to find a lineage that hasn't seen an increase in cancer and that most breeds live only up to half of what they used to live. 

Why Is Feline Cancer Killing Our Cats?

Feline cancer is an illness for which an ounce of prevention is worth many times more the pound of cure.
Inbreeding does account for creating weak lines of certain breeds of cats (and dogs).

Then there is diet. There is growing acceptance by holistic veterinarians that the impact of diet with all the artificial ingredients, flavorings, colors, preservatives and grains are not of any nutritional value to our cats. 

Then there is the vaccination controversy.  There is a definite link to fibrosarcomas in cats which are tumors induced by vaccines.

Lastly, there is the trend towards housing indoor cats which the promise of safer, longer lives.  Along with this secure setting there is a certainty of feline obesity brought on by carbohydrate filled cat food and complete lack of exercise.  Put all these ingredients together and you have a recipe for feline cancer.

Tips to recognizing the feline cancer symptoms...

There are a number of different types of feline  cancers that can afflict your cat so it is essential that you be aware of the most common feline cancer symptoms so that you can detect the ailment in time. Early observation of feline cancer symptoms goes a long way towards developing a proper treatment plan.

  • Symptoms of cancer impacting the digestive tract can include changes in bowel or bladder habits; projectile vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, blood or mucous in the stool or urine and straining when urinating or defecating.

  • If your cat has sores that don't heal, bleeding or discharge from the nose can mean tumor in the nasal passage or skin cancer.

  • Bone cancer may start by your cat walking stiffly or long term limping.

These are just a few of the more common symptoms of some cancers that torment our feline friends.  There are many others. 

If your cat has been diagnosed with some type of cancer the question is - what are your options?

Options for treating feline cancer...

Conventional medicine uses chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  In some cases, these treatments end up extending the life of the cat, but rarely improving the quality of her life.  Sadly, most cancers really don't respond to conventional treatments, they are expensive and have a lot of troublesome side effects. 

It is very painful for to see your best 4-legged friend suffer from cancer and from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

The holistic approach, on the other hand, subscribes to the theory that conventional drugs tend to only suppress symptoms without addressing the underlying cause, which in most cases is a weak immune system.

Alternative medicine emphasizes that healing must come from within. The holistic approach is to treat the whole animal and not just the cancer itself. Alternative cat cancer remedies recharge her internal healing force and stimulates her body's self-healing abilities.

A ten year study on 900 cats indicated that a natural diet for cats can keep cats healthy, and also helps in producing healthy kittens. A set of cats was fed only milk and raw meat, while another set was fed cooked food. The cats fed with cooked food started developing allergies and other health problems, and their second generation was unable to produce kittens.

So if feeding cooked food can drastically degrade feline health, think what commercial diets with preservatives and additives are doing to your cat.

You can take steps to help your cat avoid developing cancerous tumors.  Also, it is important to understand that there may not be a overall cure for cancer.  That doesn't mean your cat is doomed. The secret to providing her a healthy life and avoidance of feline cancer is to find the right natural medicines that are able to keep the immune system in good health.

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