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Feb 22, 2009
Cat Adoption Blues
by: Kate

Well, since we last posted you adopted another cat. You say...

'He is about a year old. This poor guy is sooooo stressed. He stays rolled in a ball. He has only eaten two times since I adopted him.'

Here's the deal. This fella is stressed and so will your youngster be. Through your good intentions you've invited competition.

Your youngster never had to compete before. Your oldster always had to compete.

I've have had success with these mergers before, but over the years I've learned it takes a bit of control on the part of the care giver.

1. You mentioned you separated them. Good. Keep it that way for a couple of weeks - at least. Keep the door closed to keep curious peeps out. You may have to endure some door scratching.

2. Provide food, water and litter box to your orphan in his private environment. Give him something to entertain himself with ... catnip toy, felt mouse... something.

3. Introductions to the FAMILY. Talk about why you all thought it was a good idea to adopt your Dewey. Can you all agree on that? Good. Now, have each human family member visit with Dewey for 10 minutes each day. If one person causes him extra stress, its best to have that person back off and analyze the reasons later.

4. Continue to grow your human interaction until he trusts at least one person. Then its time to introduce Pushkin.

5. Introducing the second cat requires a calm environment. Don't do this with all the kids hanging around. Wrap Pushkin in a towel to control his movements (and prevent scratching). Introduce him into Dewey's environment gently. Sit down with Pushkin in his wrap. Talk softly. Distract both cats by gently tossing a toy. Keep the first 3 visits to about 5 minutes. Move on from that.

6. Finally, stress is going to be a deal for the ENTIRE FAMILY. I use a product that helps with introducing cats to new environments. In fact, I continue to use for my ole' geezer Simon who struggles with aggression and stress when stray cats are in the area. You might look into to help reduce the anxiety in your cats while they adjust to the new environment.

Feb 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

I meant rump.Lol! sry for the typo.
well we have serious drama here. I adopted another cat. He is about a year old. This poor guy is sooooo stressed. He stays rolled in a ball. He has only eaten two times since I adopted him. It seems like when the house is empty he feels most at ease. That is when he will venture out of his hiding spot and creep around the corners like he is a Ninja. When I get him to feel at ease, he allows me to pet him and scratch his ears. He had not meowed once since he got here until last night. I think he was really scared and that is why he did it. I didn't even realize it was him meowing he did it like 5 times in a row, I think he was telling me to have my husband turn the stupid tv down. Once he did, he stopped meowing. I want him to meow again, I just don't want to him to do it because he is scared. I love my new guy, his name is Dewey by the way. So, now that I got all that off my chest, Do you have any guidance for this loving mommy of two awsome Cats. How can I get Dewey to eat without forcing him? I have tried milk, water, fish, different cat foods, catnip, you name it. Also, how can he feel more secure? I gave him his own room, will it take forever? will it ever be that he feels he is one of the family? Lastley, When I can get Dewey out of his room, Pushkin follows him around the whole time, he has only sprayed at her once, but that is because she touched him while she was growling.Please help!
Pushkin keeps spraying and chasing him around the house whenever he

Feb 22, 2009
What's a rumo?
by: Anonymous

Ha! It took me a second to figure out what a 'rumo' was. Too funny! I think kittens and cats like to put their 'rumo' in your face so that you will pay attention to them only - and not the darn computer. Thanks for sharing!

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