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Discount cat furniture for your catDid it take you very long after getting you kitty to start thinking about discount cat furniture?  We have some cat furniture in our home that looks a lot like human furniture.  In fact...I think it is...

Did it take long for your cat to show you how they they love to climb, need to potty, like to sleep in odd places, and maybe even want to go inside the kitchen cabinets? 

Cats love to climb. Curtains, plants, rocking chairs, ladders, trees, you name it. If it goes up, your cat has climbed it.

You aren't alone in wishing that:

  • the litter box would disappear

  • your cat would choose a sleeping location other than the top of the frig

  • the wall tapestry was no longer an invitation to 'hang around'

  • the kitty would just watch her human from the floor and not the top of the china cabinet

  • you shoe wasn't a place to pee

There is the cat litter box. It can be anything from a simple pan to some very elaborate designs. If you followed our recommendations for preventing a feline urinary tract infection, you probably have multiple litter boxes around the house.

Did your cat favor a litter box location in your bedroom, living room or family room? Some place that wasn't your first choice?

If the location makes you cringe how about the style? There are several cat litter box designs to please any feline.  After all, one pot does not fit all.

We've found some great options in cat furniture to appease Miss Daisy's desire for elevation, while keeping it attractive to even the most discerning interior decorator.

Of course, the ultimate sleeping zone may really be your bed, but Daisy may find it pleasant to rest on a window shelf or gorgeous cat-tree tower. Cats love high perches, cozy caves, and carpet or sisal scratchers to name a few.

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing designer or discount cat furniture.  Look for something that pleases your eye, yet is functional and appealing to the feline.  Find out if the products can be customized for your decor or minimally if they come in different colors.  

Safety First

The cat furniture should be as safe as other pieces of wooden furniture in your home, like chairs, stools, and shelving units. Find out if the products were home tested in households with toddlers, cats (and dogs). The products must be designed for cats, yet not be a hazard to children or other pets.

Location, location, location...

Furniture placement may be the key to acceptance. Try placing the unit near a favorite window or other favorite spot in your house.

If you are replacing a used kitty cat litter box with a new enclosed Scandinavian design feline bidet, try putting the old pan inside the new "potty cave".  She'll take right to the new digs.:)

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