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Contact Kate, the Coolest Cat Care coolest editor. She loooooves scratchin'. Hissssses are ok too, except for the slobber part. Mostly, just purrrrrr.

Do you have any comments, suggestions, or questions for us? Then I'd love to hear from you. Here are some areas I always need a little help.

Breed profile corrections, breed profiles for missing breeds, personal stories, pictures, coolest tools, tips, vets, gadgets, clothing, litter, medication, toys, furniture, jewelry..... Get the idea?

I'm open to all kinds of ideas and suggestions. All you have to do is send it in. If you wish, we will post your web site along with the picture, story or information to our flippin' coolest FeLines blog.

Any personal information supplied will be kept confidential (unless you give us permission to use your comments on our site) and you will NOT receive unsolicited e-mails from us. Simply fill out the form below and hit send!

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