Cindy my best friend

by Don
(Mentor, Ohio)

I met Cindy at the animal shelter and immediatly fell for her and felt her closeness and warmth.

I adopted her and took her home and she made my home her paradise.
She has now been with me for 16 years and has been my best friend.
You know she runs the house her way. She is an inside cat but I intrudced her to the outside and she does not stay out but checks the property every morning for about 5 minutes then wants back in and her breakfast better be ready.
She follows me around the house and has her own rocking chair. I bought the rocking chair for myself but she runs to it before I can reach it, and if I am sitting on it she jumps on me and lets me know to get off.

I hope to have Cindy around for a long time.


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