Are You Looking For Cat Parasite or Cat Tape Worm Treatment Options?

You can choose from a oral or topical cat worm treatment for ridding a number of different parasites - like the cat tape worm - that may be flourishing in your cat's digestive tract.  Many intestinal worms that infect your cat can be passed on to you.  Until your cat if free of cat worms be sure to practice good hygiene and wash your hands after cleaning litter boxes or playing with an infected kitten.

There are a number of cat worm symptoms you should learn to recognize, but in general, if you just adopted a cat or kitten you can bet she has one or more of these parasites:  lungworms, a cat tape worm, roundworms, hookworms and heartworms.  Your vet will do a blood or fecal test to determine which of these parasites is in your cat. 

Its important to recognize that cat worms are parasites.  They feed off of your cat's blood weakening her immune system, causing anemia or in the case of heartworms, leading to an early death your cat. Your vet will recommend a treatment, once she's determined whether your cat is dealing with heartworms, a cat tape worm, or other internal parasite.

Many vets will recommend one of the top 3 synthetic parasiticides to treat the cat worms.   A holistic or homeopathic vet will opt for a natural solution to cure you cat of these parasites.  Wormwood(Artemisia absinthinium) and cloves(Eugenia caryophyllata) have been used for centuries as natural remedies for and cleansing the blood and digestive tract.

You can consider both options in the comparison and review links below.  Your cat will need an ongoing preventative treatment program to deal with any of these parasites.  This is especially true for outdoor cats because they will catch and eat the mice, voles, snails and other vermin that are carriers of roundworms, cat tape worms, hookworms, and lungworms.  Mosquitoes pass on the larvae of heartworms when they pierce your cat's skin. 

Decide what works out best for you and your cat.  Then put your cat worm treatment program into action:



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