Cat Tape Worm Medicine - Treatments For Cat Worms

Natural forms of cat tape worm medicine have been around for centuries.  Wormwood, cloves, neem and rue can help rid your cat of unhealthy infestations of internal parasites.  There are natural remedies known for their anti-parasitic, antiseptic and bactericidal properties.

Over the counter chemical based products work too, but your cat's 'whole system' has to deal with the unwanted side effects sometimes associated with synthetic parasite medication.

Of the products listed below, only Parasite Dr. is a 100%  natural remedy product.  Revolution is a very effective product for purging cat worms, but it is a chemical parasiticide and requires prescription.  Tape Worm Tabs Cat is an effective cat tape worm medicine, but it doesn't get rid of round worms, heartworms, lungworms or hookworms.  It is available without a veterinarian prescription.

Be sure to have your veterinarian confirm what type of cat worm your cat has.  Talk to her about using natural remedies to purge and prevent cat worms. More vets are moving towards using natural remedies for preventing cat parasites.  The holistic approach treats the  whole animal to maximize your cat's health and reduce imbalances her system caused by a number of environmental and dietary stresses.

Here are 3 product reviews for you to help a cat with tape worms and other internal parasites:

Parasite Dr.
Parasite Dr.

Parasite Dr. by PetAlive (a Native Remedies company) is a natural remedy for eliminating one of the most common cat worms, toxocara cata - the  roundworm.  Parasites are a fact of life our pets are host to a number of parasites including cat tape worms, lungworms, hookworms, heartworms and roundwormsAll internal parasites can degrade your cat's immune system and in worst case, lead to an early death.  Heartworm infestation is serious and can be fatal unless treated in time.  Pet owners often reach for a conventional, over-the-counter de-worming treatment which are very effective. Unfortunately, most are chemically-based and may be harmful to your pet in the long-term. Continual de-worming with conventional products may also weaken your pet's immune system

PetAlive by Native Remedies is arguably the most recognized name in herbal and homeopathic remedies. They have a comprehensive product line to treat dozens of ailments in cats and dogs.  Native Remedies provides herbal remedies for the cat's human caregiver.

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Revolution icon

Revolution is a topical parasiticide applied once a month for the prevention of heartworm disease in cats (and dogs). When used on cats it is also used to treat or prevent fleas, ear mites, hookworm and roundworm. It is recommended that heartworm prevention is used year round.

Revolution is available through1-800-PetMeds.  This company is America's largest pet pharmacy. They offer pet owners an alternative to the high costs of prescription and non-prescription pet medications.   They have a wide variety of health and nutritional supplements for cats, dogs, and horses at substantial savings directly to you.

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