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Cat Poisoning Recued KittyCat poisoning doesn't just occur with chemical poisoning. It happens when your cat ingests some of the simplest and prettiest things that surround us. More than 700 house, garden and wild varieties of plants are poisonous to cats.  A critical part of cat care is knowing what can harm you cat.  As a general rule, any plant that has a colored or milky sap are poisonous to cats.

Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that your pets will never get sick or hurt. That's one reason why you should do your best to keep plants that contribute to cat poisoning out of his way.  As you read the list of plants you'll probably wonder if you should eradicate them from your surroundings.

Cat's and kittens depend on you to keep them out of harms way

Keep in mind that cat's (and especially kittens) don't instinctively know that a plant is bad for them.

So...if you see your Sammy taking a chomp of your tulips, do something to divert him - permanently. Spraying Sammy with the hose at the same time he approaches the tulips works great!

Poisonous Plants

  1. Aloe
  2. Amaryllis
  3. Andromeda Japonica
  4. Asian Lily
  5. Asparagus Fern
  6. Australian Nut
  7. Autumn Crocus
  8. Azalea
  9. Belladonna
  10. Bird of Paradise
  11. Bittersweet (American and European)
  12. Black Locust
  13. Branching Ivy
  14. Buckeye
  15. Buddhist Pine
  16. Caladium
  17. Calla Lily
  18. Castor Bean
  19. Ceriman
  20. Clematis
  21. Cordatum
  22. Corn Plant
  23. Cycads
  24. Cyclamen
  25. Daffodil
  26. Daylily
  27. Devil's Ivy
  28. Dieffenbachia
  29. Dumbcane
  30. Easter Lily
  31. Elephant Ears
  32. Emerald Fern
  33. English Ivy
  34. Eucalyptus
  35. Ferns
  36. Fiddle-Leaf Philodendron
  37. Gold Dust Dracaena
  38. Florida Beauty
  39. Foxglove
  40. Glacier Ivy
  41. Gladiolas
  42. Golden Pothos
  43. Heavenly Bamboo
  44. Honeysuckle
  45. Hurricane Plant
  46. Hyacinth
  47. Hydrangea
  48. Iris
  49. Jerusalem Cherry
  50. Jimson Weed
  51. Kalanchoe
  52. Lantana
  53. Lilies (all Lilium species)
  54. Lily of the Valley
  55. Lupine
  56. Marble Queen
  57. Morning Glory
  58. Mother-in-Law
  59. Mountain Laurel
  60. Narcissus
  61. Needlepoint Ivy
  62. Nephthysis
  63. Nightshade
  64. Oleander
  65. Panda
  66. Peace Lily
  67. Pilodendron
  68. Poison Hemlock
  69. Precatory Bean (also known as rosary pea)
  70. Privet
  71. Red Emerald
  72. Phododendron
  73. Ribbon Plant
  74. Sago Palm
  75. Satin Pothos
  76. Schefflera
  77. Striped Dracaena
  78. Sweetheart Ivy
  79. Tulip
  80. Water Hemlock
  81. Wisteria
  82. Yew
  83. Yucca

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