Our Top 10 Cat Lover Products


Looking for cat lover products?  Our Top 19 favorite  products are chosen because they are what we trust and recommend for all new cat owners. 


Think back to when you first partnered with your cat.  9 out 10 times you made your decision on something the cat did that convinced you he was the one for you. 


Perhaps he yawned, rolled over and reached out for you, or climbed up your pant legs, or simply sat with a never-wavering silent gaze.  cat lover products girl with catHe hypnotized you with his simple charm.

  You were under his spell.  



Once you got home the honeymoon continued until Mr. Michael had his first potty accident or plucked your couch with unconcealed joy and enthusiasm.  Off you went to find toys, cat litter boxes, cat care books, cat food and whatever else you considered perfect for your darling.  


Every cat does not respond to every purchase with equal enthusiasm.  We know you thought that fuzzy mousy with the jingle bell perfect, but your cat found the bell hideous.  Give it to the neighbor's dog.


As cats, we've been down the cat pleasure path for years.  Often our humans have good intentions, but we could solve world hunger with what they've blown on useless toys, apparel, perfumery, and structures. We've pulled apart some great toys and furniture, pottied in a number of different contraptions and sniffed a lot of cat dope.  Some of the cat lover products are just delightful while others proved a waste of hard earned dollars.


We're reviewing some of our favorite products and services.  These are things that we've experimented with, picked a favorite and kept within our home.  If you like learning from other's successes and failures, you may benefit from ours.  Your experiences may not reflect ours, so feel free to drop us a note about yours.  Off we go...



Our Top 19 Cat Lover Products


Cat Care Books


Older Cat Care (also Geriatric Cat Care)


Pregnant Cat Care


Kitten and Cat Care


Build Cat Furniture


Cat Outdoor Furniture


Cat Litter Box Furniture


Keep Cat Off Furniture

#11 Cat Climbing Furniture
#10 Cat Constipation
#9 Crazy Cat Gifts (including Videos)
#8 Cats Hair Loss (also Cat Skin Allergy)
#7 Playtime & Other Cat Toys
#6 Cat Hairballs (also Cat Vomiting)

Cat Health Care Insurance


Flea Control Cat


Cat Claw Control


Serious Cat Urine Help


Cat Litter Boxes

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