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The Cat Litter Box
A Key Ingredient To Sweet Cat Relations

Plain cat litter boxThe cat litter box is the key ingredient to a peaceful and glorious feline relationship. Cats naturally are clean animals and they are delighted to place their deposits in a clean, trustworthy repository. Each cat has their own cat litter box preference.

 The simplest design is the one humans buy first.  Its the cheapest so it is usually first pick. This is the open cat litter pan or tray model, usually 15-24 in. long and 16-24 in. wide and 6 in. high.  The pan portion may have a rim around it which helps keep litter from getting kicked out of the box. It really can be quite satisfactory to many cats providing them exactly what they need for a potty.

One with a hood

Hooded cat litter box.

One popular design is the hooded litter box. These boxes provide privacy for more sensitive cats.  They also help keep litter and litter dust inside the box.

The hooded design is perfect for males (and some females) that like to pee against something instead of squatting. The urine hits the wall and drips down into floor of the potty where its absorbed by the litter.

Its also a great product for cats who like to kick the daylights our of their litter, distributing it far and wide around the potty area. The hood keeps the litter inside the litter box.

You may think that litter box liners will reduce the need to wash the pan every now and then.  Don't fall for these liners.  Your cat's claws will hook into the material and she may end up pulling out the liner, the litter and the .... Well, you know.

Using plastic liners provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Just stay away from litter box liners.

Another popular cat litter box design is the self cleaning litter box. This design is presented as the ideal choice for humans who feel that cleaning the litter box is just too much of a chore and must automate the process. 

You may need to have at least 2 cat litter boxes per cat in your household. Try experimenting with multiple boxes in different designs and in different locations. You can even choose from designs that look like another piece of human furniture.

We have four cats and 6.5 potties. We have 5.5 potties in the house in various rooms and the 6th is located in the garage.  The .5 is a shower stall that Sally uses when she need to pee in ultra-privacy.

Without further ADoo! How to clean a cat box...

Our household has settled on a combination of tray and hooded potties.

Here's how to clean a litter box.  Just knew you were waiting for this part:

  1. Take the slotted litter spoon, an empty plastic bag from your millions left over from the grocery store.
  2. Walk to the litter box, bend over and...
  3. Scrape the poop or pee into the spoon, tap the excess litter off and dump the rest into the plastic bag.
  4. Twist the bag shut.
  5. Drop the bag into the trash.
  6. Wash the cat potties with detergent at least once a month.

Some cat litter products are dusty. You might find a bit of the litter kicked out around the exterior of the box. However, with some simple tips and positive reinforcement during litter box training, humans quickly learn the best practices of cleaning the cat litter box.

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