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Your Cat's Been Yowling To Tell You

Tabby cat in the grass

Would you be surprised to find out that this cat health care page is exactly where I wanted you to begin our research?

I'm starting to think you are paying attention to me.

You know they say cats have nine lives, but I'm not really convinced. In fact, I'd rather not put that theory to test. I'm pretty sure that the healthier I am the happier you are too.

I remember watching you all when you arrived...with that big moving van and your own pair of cats. It was such fun chasing them up the trees! You and those two city kits recovered quickly from the shock of moving into a house that was already home to four felines.

If memory serves me right, one of the first things you did, besides feed us, was to browse the local yellow pages. You quickly discovered that the county didn't have a Humane Society or shelter.

Lucky for you on that.

You did, however, find a veterinarian.  My cat mother was in bad shape. Her long fur matted so badly that she had a torn her flesh where she had tried to free herself of the mess. You knew you needed cat care advice.

Do you remember?

You were concerned about infectious diseases, vaccinations, pregnancy and our overall health. After all, you did have two other felines in good health. Even though it was great fun chasing them up trees, it wasn't fair to expose them to illness or diseases that we were hosting.

Cat Care Needs Human Intervention

Cat health care vet

Everyone knows that cats don't really have nine lives. Our veterinarian is the most qualified person to help us with cat health advice. Once you select a vet, schedule a physical exam.

 Unlike their human, cats aren't good at revealing how they feel. You told the vet about our unusual eating patterns, eye and  nose discharge and general lethargic behavior.

The vet recommended rabies and distemper shots, but she also suggested trying some natural herbal remedies to fight off feline urinary tract infection my cat mommy was dealing with.

So, my human friend, where shall we begin exploring the vast mysteries of cat care?

Would you prefer start at the front?

Cat Eye Care

Cat Ear Care

Cat Dental Care 





...or vice versy and approach cat health advice from the rear?

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Natural Remedies

More and more cat owners are turning to herbal solutions for tough cat care problems.