What Cat Food For Kidney Disease in Cats Is Best?

Heather sent in this question and it is one that many cat owners ask when they have a cat diagnosed with chronic renal failure or feline kidney disease.

Heather asked, "Hello, my kitty was diagnosed with kidney disease & I was told to feed her Hill's K/D formula but I am hesitant. Can you recommend a brand of dry & wet food? I need to fatten her up."

First, thanks Heather for sharing your question with our readers.

One of the biggest challenges for treating a cat with kidney disease at home is feeding the cat. The traditional approach has been to feed a restricted protein diet to cats in kidney failure. This is kind of counter intuitive, because a healthy cat requires high protein diet...higher than dogs require. So why restrict your cat's protein intake?

Research shows that while restricting protein in dogs and humans with kidney disease works, restricting protein intake in cats has no effect on the ultimate progression of kidney disease. Experts say that these diets are not appropriate until the BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) is at least double what it should be normally (about 60-80 mg/dl).

The Absloute Best Cat Food For Cats in Kidney Failure

The is a huge problem using protein-restricted commercial diets...your cat will probably hate it!

If your cat won't eat it then you aren't helping her at all.

Heather, feed your cat what she loves to eat. I prefer to lavish a sick cat with high quality food that she can enjoy. I recommend canned food over dry kibble because water balance is crucial for your cat. Keep her diet high in moisture and avoid the dry stuff as that doesn't help keep your cat hydrated. If she will eat a bit of raw chicken, slice it thin and let her chew away on it.

However if all she will eat is the dry cat food, then don't deprive her of it. Let her have as much as she wants.

Natural Remedies to Sooth Symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure

Many cat owners also look for ways to boost their cat's appetite. There are homeopathic remedies that can help increase your cat's appetite as well as sooth the harsh symptoms that go along with kidney disease in cats. These are simple to give to your cat, just add a pinch to her canned cat food - she'll never know its there.

Please note, I'm not a vet, I share information to help cat owners enjoy their cat's to the fullest. You may want to seek out a second opinion from a certified holistic veterinarian,