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Cat Eye Problems - Treat Cat Eye Problems

From: Coolest Kate
Coolest Cat Care Editor
Cat eye care starts at birth.
Kittens and adult cats need your help for proper cat eye care.  It is important for maintaining your cat’s eyesight.

Sometimes people don’t understand how important it is to take care of their cat’s eyes, and often don’t even think about it until a problem develops.  If your cat is diabetic, it is critical to have a strong cat eye care program to prevent cat eye problems and blindness. 

Indicators of Cat Eye Problems

  • Yellow or grey matter (we call them goobers, but your vet will call it mucous) dried around the corners of the eye

  • Cloudiness within the eyeball

  • Eyes aren’t bright

  • The third eyelid coming across the eye

  • Excessive tearing tear-stained fur around the eyes



Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the membrane that covers both the inner lining of the eyelid and the white of the eye. It may be caused by allergies or by bacterial, fungal or viral infections. In fact, recurrent or chronic conjunctivitis in cats is often the result of herpes viral infections which, just as in humans, can return - again and again.

Conjunctivitis can be contagious, so keep an infected cat away from other cats. Kittens often suffer from this and can pass it on to their siblings. Improper care leads to destruction of the eye tissue and blindness.

The Cat Third Eye

The medical term for the third eye is the nictitating membrane. Normally, this eyelid is not visible.  If during your cat eye care stare session, your cat’s third eyelid appears, it could mean that she is falling asleep. The third eyelid can be seen clearly by gently opening the eye of the healthy animal when it is asleep or as it is falling asleep.

If it remains visible during your cat’s waking hours then it may indicate a poor eye condition or sickness. We were distressed when Simon the Siamese started walking around with his eyes half asleep. His third eyelid was apparent all the time.

This of course meant another visit to the vet. All of his vitals were fine, his appetite fine, but his third eye was right there, as if he was sick. It was during this same timeframe that Sally was on some ‘mood altering’ medication. We were trying to deal with her chronic licking. That is another story.

Our astute vet asked how we were giving Sally her medication. We were crumbling it in her food. No, she did not eat all her food at once. Yes, Simon-the-oink could have consumed her leftovers including her “mood” drug.

We concluded that Simon had inadvertently taken some of Sally’s dope. His seemingly permanent third eye condition was called Haw’s Syndrome. Apparently Simon’s consumption of the drug caused a loss of sympathetic connection to the lid’s retractor muscle. His eyelid was out of control.

It was several weeks before it disappeared and his eyes appeared normal. So chalk up Haw’s Syndrome as another possible eye abnormality. Take this as a lesson in what can happen when you leave medications available to unintended consumers. Pick up the plates.

Cataracts and Glaucoma

Cataracts and Glaucoma affects felines, just like humans. If you notice that your cat’s eye lens is cloudy, you should seek veterinary advice. This could indicate a  cataract which are often present in senior or diabetic cats.

Glaucoma stems from too much pressure on the interior of the eye which decreases the amount of fluid draining from the eye. Again, you will need guidance from a veterinarian to deal with glaucoma.

Is This Adoration?

cat eye problems Sphynx cat clear eyes

Observing your cats eyes is the number one step in your preventative cat eye care program. Often, problems in the eyes can indicate problems elsewhere, like allergies, diabetes, and cataracts. Through diligent cat eye care, and seeking veterinary care for any problems promptly, you are ensuring a lifetime of adoring eyes.

You always knew you were adorable! 



If you can't find the cat eye problem solution you are looking for on this page, you can search the entire world for the perfect cat.  Just type in cat eye problems and click the Search button.


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