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Cat Nibbling At An ItchIts not unusual for cats to have some cat dandruff over the course of their lives.  Sometimes it is brought on by a food or pollen allergy.  Other times it can be a case of poor cat nutrition.  However, 9 out of every 10 cats vets see with a case of cat dandruff results from a mite infestation, especially Chyletiella mites. 

If you see a piece of cat dandruff 'walking' around your cat's fur he has Chyletiella mites. These mites have been called "walking dandruff" and you can see them with if you look closely at your cat's skin.  Its fairly easy to treat fur mites, but you have to take a whole-house approach.  All pets must be treated, bedding thoroughly washed, rugs and upholstery vacuumed rigorously.  

Whether you have a dog or a cat, early diagnosis and treatment will help to ensure that the condition does not become more serious. Fur mites are extremely contagious and spread rapidly throughout the household.  In more advanced infections your can will scratch himself until he has patches of fur missing. He may even scratch himself until he tears his skin. 

In the past, vets treated fur mites with harsh chemical baths using pyrethrin, but this often which may cause a number of unwanted side effects including burning of the already sore skin. Today, you have natural alternatives to use without the extreme side effects. 

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Dog Owners! Ivermectin is commonly used to treat mange mites however; it can be fatal to certain breeds and should not be used in Collies and other canine herding breeds to treat mites.  Choose a proven natural homeopathic remedy instead.
Its important that you have your vet check out your cat's condition.  Often skin problems are a symptom of an underlying medical condition like feline diabetes.  However, if she confirms your cat has fur mites she will probably recommend a flea and mite program like Revolution or Advantage.  These products are great for getting rid of fur mites and fleas, but your cat's skin and immune system will need some help too.

More tips to beautiful cats...

  • Gradually add a  teaspoon or two of olive oil to his  food a couple of times a week to help improve his coat and skin by stimulating natural oils.

  • Don't make drastic changes to your cat's diet as this may cause an imbalance of natural oils and consequently a dry, flaky skin.

  • Thoroughly dry your cat after bathing, as shampoo residue can dry on his skin and cause flaky skin, itching, and chronic dandruff.

  • Brush your pet regularly, but GENTLY, to loosen dry skin cells and dandruff.

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