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This cat climbing furniture article is inspired by the photos Judy sent of her Ragdolls enjoying their cat furniture.  The Ragdoll cat pictures in this cat tree furniture article are Ezra and Emma. 

From:  Ezra, Emma and Judy
and the Coolest Cat Care Gang

Kittens and cats like to climb up things and often this means they end up on the shear drapes covering your windows.  Your reaction may be to laugh or shriek out loud depending on how much you treasure your drapes.  Once your feline discovers these lovely drapes, then its not much of a stretch before they're up the decorative tapestry, climbing the ficus tree, the backs of couches, rocking chairs and what ever will support those tiny claws.  

From:  Ezra and Emma

Ragdoll cat on cat climbing tree
Ragdoll kitten on cat climbing tree
Cat Climbing Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Condos, Cat Gyms - All our cat furniture are built by cat furniture specialists, so more of them combine scratching cat furniture, cat tree, cat playground and resting place all in one cat furniture.

Whether yours is an indoor or outdoor cat, cat climbing furniture is a necessity.   You can see that these two punkins are most comfortable on their light tan carpeted tree-seats, shaped to safely support the sleeping cat.  Most cat tree furniture consistscat climbing furniture of a one, two, or three posts on a flat support panel.  There may be 2, 3 or 4 shelves covered in a number of different carpet types, but a 1/2in. thick pile or short shag are favorites. 

If you are a multi-cat house, cat trees provide a secure area for cats to establish their personal territory.  One will be happy claiming the top shelf, while the others duck into a covered shelter or settle for the bottom shelf. Ragdoll cat breed kittenYou can even have a shorter cat tree in another area of the house.  Go wild and place them in each room like end tables! 

Notice that Emma is resting on the base of the cat tree in front of a post wrapped in sisal rope.  Your kitten learns to pluck the sisal post instead of your good furniture.  This is a great way to teach young and older kittens to stop plucking the human furniture.  You gently redirect that behavior over to the sisal covered post.  Rub some catnip on it and even 'show' her what you mean for her to do with the post.  Go ahead!  Pluck it good!.

The cat climbing furniture also provides them a preferred alternative for high roosts.  They learn to climb the cat treeRagdoll cat on furniture furniture instead of roosting on more risky areas like the china cabinet Ezra lurks upon. 

You help your cats learn its ok to climb the cat tree by luring them with a string dangling from each shelf.  Another idea that works is to place them on a shelf then give them a treat or extra love and petting.

When you shop for cat climbing furniture, try to find out how you are supposed to stabilize the cat tree.  Do you have to nail it to the floor or secure it to the ceiling?   Does it have a wide base that won't bend and tip over? 

If you can choose your fabric from a selection of cotton, fun fur and polar fleece fabrics all the better.  Its a good idea to find out how to keep the fabric clean too.  Is it removable and washable or do you just wipe it down?

These cat playgrounds are a durable & fun for your cat.  They provide a long term solution for perching, their active lifestyle and their natural tendency to climb and explore. 

 Ragdoll cats on cat climbing tree

Whether you have a domestic or a purebred or even an exotic cat breed, they all love cat climbing furniture like this cat tree.

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